bù yǐ wéi rán

[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]不以为然[/ref]

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  • Ran Min — (zh stp|s=冉闵|t=冉閔|p=Rǎn Mǐn; d. 352), also known as Shi Min (石閔), posthumously honored by Former Yan as Heavenly Prince Daowu of (Ran) Wei ((冉)魏悼武天王), courtesy name Yongzeng (永曾), nickname Jinu (棘奴), was a Han Chinese military leader during the… …   Wikipedia

  • Ran Zhi — (冉智) was a crown prince of the short lived Chinese state Ran Wei. His father was the state s only emperor, Ran Min.Ran Zhi, as Ran Min s oldest son, was created crown prince when he proclaimed the new state in 350 after overthrowing the Later… …   Wikipedia

  • Wei Qing — Wèi Qīng (Zh cw|c=衛青|w=Wei Ch ing, d. 106 BC), born in Linfen, Shanxi, was a general during Han Dynasty of China, whose campaigns against Xiongnu (匈奴) earned him great acclaim. He was the younger half brother of Empress Wei Zifu (衛子夫) and the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Zhu Ran — Three Kingdoms infobox Name=Zhu Ran imagesize= Caption= Title=Military General Kingdom=Eastern Wu Born=182 Died=248 Simp=朱然 Trad=朱然 Pinyin=Zhū Rán WG=Chu Jan Zi=Yìfēng (義封) Other= ;Original name *Shi Ran (施然)Zhu Ran (182 248) was a military… …   Wikipedia

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